Testing And Maintenance

Providing Testing and Maintenance services is no rocket science; but then, providing quality services that help you make the most of your IT applications certainly need some expertise. We put technology to test, and we test real hard. VRR Ventures offers the best-in-class Testing and Maintenance Services for web and mobile applications to its extensive global clientele.

At VRR Ventures, we believe that expert quality assurance & testing processes can help technology be more secure; and therefore, we lay emphasis on providing on-budget, on-time and service-oriented testing solutions that stand apart from the competition, Along with maintenance services, we provide manual as well as automated test solutions. Testing services that can help you to test your software in better and faster ways.

Testing Services We Offer

At VRR Venture, we provide our customers with a holistic range of integrated testing services in a fully managed, SLA-driven model. Our software testing services can be broadly grouped into the following core offerings -

Maintenance Services We Offer

With over 100 + man years of leadership, industry knowledge and technical expertise in developing and managing complex enterprise applications and supporting IT infrastructure environments to offer our customers the best application maintenance and tier-3 support services.

Benefits Offered by Testing and Maintenance Services

You can achieve a spectrum of benefits by outsourcing software maintenance and support to VRR. The immediate and long-term merits of considering us as your trusted partner for application software maintenance are as follows -

1. Performance Improvement

Application software maintenance programs usually include upgrades and allow users to enjoy the upgrades for free for a whole year. Upgrades enhance the overall functionality and performance of the software and increase its lifecycle as well.

2. Bug Fixing

Testing and maintenance packages help protect the software from software problems but are usually meant for a specific time period. After the expiry of the warranty period, you need to pay for the bug fixes yourself. A maintenance plan will, however, take care of that

3. Stay Updated with Current Trends

Technology and tech-dependent businesses go through tremendous change frequently. To stay abreast of trending technologies, it is critical that you update your software applications regularly. Application software maintenance services can help you keep pace with the current tech trends and ensure that your organization can leverage its benefits.

4. Cut Costs

With the maintenance of software services, you can keep a tab on your software expenditure. Most programs cover users for a year's period, thereby reducing an organization's investment for IT greatly. When you use cloud-based apps, the monthly charges you pay for those services usually include the maintenance fees as well.